From its very beginnings, the company organisation has been designed so that its main group activities were performed in separate divisions that cooperated closely with each other.

Today GRANOVA d.o.o. is organised as a unique project organisation consisting of four departments:


In the drafting of project documents, in addition to using its own employees, GRANOVA d.o.o. also cooperates with companies and scientific institutions that have achieved excellence in their fields.

Our objective is to secure the best number of competent people who will make sure that GRANOVA d.o.o. stays a competitive company in the long run.

The growth and development of GRANOVA d.o.o. is mostly based on a younger staff consisting of experts who joined the company after graduating from university and who have acquired knowledge and skills on a daily basis, finally developing into well known architects and creators. Experts expand their technical knowledge by participating in professional symposiums and seminars and implementing contemporary technological achievements into their own solutions.

GRANOVA d.o.o. has been deeply involved in the reconstruction of railway infrastructure in Croatia after the War of Independence, and was among the first to offer rehabilitation and reconstruction assistance in the wake of the biggest railway accident in Croatia's recent history (Rudine 2009).

The professionalism, expertise and confirmed references of our engineers are a guarantee that all investor requests will be met professionally and in accordance with contemporary standards.